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Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring Options

Non-surgical body contouring is an effective, minimally invasive treatment option that can dramatically improve the look of your body. It is also referred to as non-surgical fat reduction. The treatments can provide you with a slimmer and smoother frame without the need for surgery. There are a number of different types of treatments depending on your unique needs. Below you will find the best non-surgical body contouring options.

Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring Options

Non-surgical body contouring is beneficial for those who want to improve their frame without invasive surgery. Consider the following treatments as they are the best non-surgical body contouring options to help you get your body back.

Non-Surgical Liposuction:

BodyTite (also referred to as “non-surgical liposuction”) is the most effective non-surgical fat removal treatment option. Non-surgical liposuction in Bakersfield uses radiofrequency to remove unwanted fat. It sends energy to the fatty area and is controlled by heat deep within those cells. The heat permanently destroys the stubborn, unwanted fat. At the same time, it also tightens your skin to ensure you have a smooth and firm shape. The treatment can be used on your stomach, arms, breasts, knees, and thighs. The treatment takes just 30 to 60 minutes and requires only one session to achieve the results.


This noninvasive fat reduction treatment uses cold temperatures to target and destroy fat cells. The freezing temperatures kill off fat cells that you eventually flush out by your lymphatic system. The major benefit of this treatment: the surrounding tissue stays unharmed so you can target all of your problem areas without issue. The treatment can be used on your abdomen, thighs, sides, arms, bra area, back, underneath your buttocks, and under your chin. The treatment itself takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes and multiple sessions are likely necessary to achieve your desired results.


This treatment uses laser energy and heat to destroy your fat cells. The high temperature causes your fat cells to die. Similar to CoolSculpt, the dead fat cells are flushed out by your lymphatic system. Still, this leaves your frame smoother and firmer without the need for invasive surgery. The treatment can be used on your abdomen and sides only. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and may require multiple sessions in order to achieve your desired results.

Bakersfield Med Spa

If you have excess fat that does not go away with regular diet and exercise, BodyTite is an effective treatment option. There are three major benefits to BodyTite as compared to other non-surgical body contouring methods:

  • BodyTite not only gets rid of fat, but it also helps tighten your skin. This is highly beneficial as fat loss can sometimes come with loose skin.
  • BodyTite requires just one session for results. This is unlike other non-surgical body contouring treatments as many of them require multiple sessions to achieve your desired results.
  • Your results are immediate but will continue to get better.

You should notice a slimmer frame and tighter skin immediately. However, your skin will continue to tighten for months after the treatment.

Other Methods

More invasive methods, such as liposuction, can result in major downtime in terms of recovery. They also place you at a higher risk of infection. Choosing a non-surgical treatment option can give you similar results without all of the hassle. If you are unhappy with the look of your body, contact Bakersfield Med Spa. They are skilled in a variety of non-surgical treatment options. This includes BodyTite, cellulite removal, and skin tightening. They have helped countless patients improve the look of their body and get their confidence back. Contact their office today to schedule a consultation!

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