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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

What is a Scar Revision?

The scar revision treatment is performed to improve the appearance of scars. At Bakersfield MedSpa, we offer the leading scar revision treatment for our patients. Scars can be caused by injuries, acne, trauma, surgery, or various skin conditions. A scar revision treatment can help reduce scarring anywhere on the body and is safe, effective, and nonsurgical. Bakersfield MedSpa utilizes the most advanced technology and techniques to perform body treatments.

Candidates for Scar Revision

Candidates must be in good health and have realistic expectations. Patients may wish to minimize the appearance of a scar with this treatment. The specialist will meet with the patient for a one-on-one consultation appointment to determine their candidacy for the treatment. The specialist will thoroughly examine the area of concern to evaluate the current state of the scar. Patients can discuss with the specialists their ideal aesthetic or any concerns about the treatment with the specialist during this appointment. A customized treatment plan will then be created for the patient.

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Scar Revision Treatment

Scar revision treatments are performed in-office at Bakersfield MedSpa in Bakersfield. Bakersfield MedSpa scar specialists use laser resurfacing technology to reduce the overall appearance, texture, and color of the scar. Laser treatments will gently remove the damaged skin to promote new skin growth. Treatment sessions will vary based on the patient’s ideal goals and the specialist’s expertise. The scar specialist will review the recovery process with the patient before they leave to ensure the best results for the treatment.

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