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Can Cellulite Disappear on Its Own?

One of the most common skin issues that many women deal with is cellulite. In fact, over 90% of women have cellulite. It is a cosmetic condition that makes your skin look bumpy and dimpled. It looks similar to the texture of an orange peel. But can cellulite disappear on its own?

While it is harmless in terms of your overall physical health, many women do not like the look of cellulite on their body and often feel self-conscious about it. Many people even wonder, can cellulite disappear on its own? Or, with a strict diet and strenuous exercise? Below you will find more information on how to get rid of your unwanted cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite

Women of all sizes can experience cellulite as it is not always associated with heavier people. Despite so many women experiencing the issue, cellulite is still a mystery to many. It is caused by changes in the structure of your fat cells and other connective tissues under your skin, such as your ligaments, skin, and muscles. Changes in the structure of your connective tissues can cause your fat cells to become large and push outwards towards your skin. Further, changes in your blood supply to areas where cellulite is can also result in fluid collecting in those tissues. The ultimate result is cellulite, which gives your skin that bumpy appearance.

Can Cellulite Disappear on Its Own?

Women are impacted by cellulite more than men and it is often found on the thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Cellulite has varying levels as some women only have it when sitting down. However, other women may have cellulite even when standing. There are factors that can exacerbate the presence of cellulite on your body. Your lifestyle may be part of the cause.

Research shows that prolonged periods of sitting and an overall sedentary lifestyle can reduce the blood flow in areas prone to cellulite. In addition, women are much more likely than men to experience cellulite so gender is a strong factor. It’s also important to note that your diet may or may not be the issue. Scientists are unclear on whether or not it plays a role. However, maintaining a healthy diet in combination with an active lifestyle can be helpful as it can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Treatment for Cellulite

There are a ton of creams and lotions that will promise to erase your cellulite. Unfortunately, these claims are unfounded and are not supported by credible research. There are effective non-surgical options to help remove your cellulite for good. Non-Surgical Cellulite Removal uses radiofrequency therapy, which includes pulses of intense, broad-spectrum light sent into your skin. This treatment targets the cellulite and underlying fat cells which are reabsorbed by your body. The treatment also boosts collagen production which helps minimize the appearance of cellulite.

One of the major benefits of the treatment is that it takes only 30 minutes. You won’t have to worry about scarring or post-procedure recovery as it is not a surgery. You can get right back to your daily activities after the treatment. Patients who have had the treatment report an increase in their self-confidence due to the removal of their cellulite. They are no longer held back by their cellulite and don’t have to cover up any areas of their body because of it.

Bakersfield Med Spa

If you have cellulite and are interested in treatment options, contact Bakersfield Med Spa. They are skilled in a variety of skin treatments that can help you look and feel years younger. They have helped countless patients remove their cellulite and get their confidence back. Contact their office today for an appointment!

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