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What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles have long been associated with age or not getting enough sleep. While these factors can be causes of dark circles under your eyes, there are several other causes. Some people may experience dark circles periodically, while others can have chronic dark circles under their eyes. While the issue is not a major cause for concern in terms of a serious medical issue, most people want to reduce dark circles under their eyes. Below you will find information on what causes dark circles and what you can do to reduce their appearance.

Causes of Dark Circles

A variety of factors can stick out as causes of dark circles under your eyes. Below you will find some of the most common factors.
Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep
Thinning undereye skin
Excessive exposure to sunlight
Rubbing your eyes frequently
Natural aging
Reduced fatty tissue around your eyes
Thyroid conditions

Do-it-Yourself Remedies

If you haven’t been able to get enough sleep or you have had allergies, some quick at-home remedies can help you get rid of your dark circles.

Cucumber Facial:

This can soothe your eyes and reduce any swelling or puffiness. The water content and vitamin C can nourish your skin and reduce your dark circles. It’s a great excuse to give yourself a facial and rest your eyes for twenty minutes!

Increase Circulation:

Circulation and blood flow are crucial to glowing skin. Poor circulation can cause dark circles, so gently massage around your eye using your daily skincare products to improve circulation in the area.

Vitamin C:

Creams, serums, and products specifically for your eyes that also have vitamin E or C can help reduce the appearance of dark circles. The antioxidants found in both can help reduce puffiness and add to your youthful glow.

Cool Your Eyes:

Apply a cold compress to your eyes to reduce puffiness, swelling, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. The cool temperature can constrict your blood vessels, which can reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Tea Time:

Instead of drinking some tea, apply tea bags over your eyes. Caffeine has antioxidant properties that can breathe life back into your eye area as it stimulates blood circulation.

Get Some Sleep:

Sleep is integral to your physical and mental well-being. Try and get at least seven to nine hours each night. Quality sleep is essential, so turn off your electronics and start relaxing your mind and body at least an hour before bed.

Conceal If Needed:

If you can’t get rid of your dark circles in time, apply concealer. Apply your regular makeup routine, but gently dab concealer under your eyes for temporary coverage.

Cosmetic Treatments

If your dark circles are more persistent, at-home remedies may not do the trick. There are effective medical treatments that can reduce your dark circles and restore your youthful glow. Dark circle treatment uses dermal filler to create a more youthful appearance. Whether your dark circles are caused by natural aging, volume loss, or thinning skin, this treatment is highly effective. The treatment is safe, non-invasive, and effective for both dark circles and creating a more youthful glow. After a consultation with a medical professional, the treatment can be administered in a medical office with little to no downtime. The results are immediate and continue to improve over time.

Treatment for Dark Circles in Bakersfield

Bakersfield Medspa specializes in facial treatments for dark circles and helps patients feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The specialists at Bakersfield Medspa are focused on helping patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Contact the office today to set up an appointment!

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