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Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

Stress is something that everyone has felt at some point in their life, and while some people experience it more frequently, we all know the problems that stem from it. Whether it is insomnia, poor diet, headaches, or any other visceral responses, we all have felt the wrath of what our mind can do to our body. Not even your skin is safe from the effects of stress. There is a new area of study called psychodermatology that is specifically focused on the connection between mind and skin. According to Karen Mallin, who is a Doctor of Psychology, “psychodermatology is a field that addresses the impact of an individual’s emotion as it relates to the skin.” If you are dealing with stress that is affecting your skin, talk to the best dermatologist in Bakersfield by contacting Bakersfield Medspa today!

How Stress Affects Your Skin

Stress releases hormones and chemicals in our body that have a negative effect on our skin. In fact, stress can cause other issues in our life, like insomnia or bad eating habits, which will also affect skin negatively, so it isn’t just related to the hormones, but our reaction to stress in other areas as well. Here are some of the main ways that stress affects our skin:

  • Acne – Everyone knows that hormonal imbalances can create more acne because we all go through those awkward puberty years, but many people assume that they grow out of that completely. However, as we grow and begin to become more stressed by our jobs, responsibilities, and pressures of life, acne can become a problem once again. Due to stress releasing a hormone called cortisol, which makes your skin oilier, one of the most common skin irritations from stress is acne. This is a vicious cycle because the acne created by stress can cause even more stress because we are worried about our skin not being clear. There are many topical solutions that you can find to help counteract this, so talk to Bakersfield Medspa if you need a dermatologist in Bakersfield.
  • Hard to heal/make existing problems worse – Our bodies are very resilient and able to heal themselves quite well, but stress puts a damper on those abilities. If you have an existing skin problem or are trying to heal from a blemish, stress will make our natural body recovery time happen much slower. If you are having an especially stressful week, use some skin care products to help your skin while it’s struggling.
  • Dry skin – When we deal with stress, we are much less likely to hydrate properly and eat correctly. Dehydration and poor diet not only affect your gut and energy but can make your skin more dry and flakey as well. Be sure to pack healthy snacks and take time to drink plenty of water every day so that you do not fall victim to this. Even setting a reminder every 30 minutes to drink some water may help you get in the habit.

How to Manage Stress

Listing all the ways that stress can negatively affect your skin may make you, well, stressed out. Since stress is something that is present in most of our lives, here are some great ways to help manage your stress, so that it does not decrease your skin’s beauty:

  • Exercise regularly because this will allow your body to release good chemicals to counteract the ones that stress brings. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help your skin be more clear and your outlook much more optimistic.
  • Utilize easy stress management techniques when you start to feel the worry taking over. Taking a short walk to clear your head, breathing exercises, and meditation are all great ways to reevaluate your situation and regain focus.
  • Make sleep a priority. Getting an average of 8 hours a night will do wonders for your body and mind, and help in the fight against stress.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff because no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and the sooner we learn that the easier it will be to keep stress away.
  • Make time for yourself because you are a priority. Learn to say no if your responsibilities are becoming too overwhelming and take some time every day to do something you enjoy that isn’t necessary.

If none of these techniques help and stress is dominating your life, first and foremost, you should find someone to talk with, whether that is a professional or a friend that can understand. Learning to control your mind will directly help you control your skin. For more information on how to have clearer skin, and for the best dermatologist in Bakersfield, contact Bakersfield Medspa today!

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