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Non-Surgical Neck Lift

At Bakersfield MedSpa in Bakersfield, we are now offering a high-tech treatment by InMode that is revolutionizing the cosmetic and aesthetic industry by lifting and tightening the skin on your neck. So, what's the best part? Well, now you don't need to go under the knife, and there are no needles involved either. So how does it work? The non-surgical neck lift treatment uses something called radiofrequency heat to tighten the deeper layers of the skin on your neck and jawline.

By heating the deep tissue of the neck skin, your collagen contracts and then generates new fibers – to rejuvenate the outward appearance of the skin. Dr. Tiwana uses radio-frequency waves to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and the device can even contour critical areas of the face including your chin, too. The first part of the treatment focuses on lifting and sculpting your neck, while the second part targets the exterior texture and thin lines or bands.

With minimal discomfort, patients may experience a warm sensation as the machine is massaged over the problem area. The treatment lasts for 45 to 60 minutes and can be customized to various areas of the face, or body if preferred. In addition to lifting your neck, it can raise eyebrows, sculpt cheekbones, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. BodyTite can also be used to combat cellulite on the legs, stomach, and arms.

What don't you like about your neck?

The three most common problems that many people experience in their necks are:

  • Loose neck muscles
  • Turkey wattle neck that has skin that has weakened over time
  • Excess fat and excess skin.

All these problems can be troubling to the person who has them because your neck is exposed most of the time.

The Telltale Sign of Aging

The neck is often one of the first things to start sagging and is a telltale sign of aging. There's even been a book written about it by the author Nora Ephron called “I Feel Bad About My Neck." Maybe you have tried numerous options, including hiding the turkey waddle, creams, and various facial treatments, but none of them have worked.

Have you been thinking about a taut and youthful swan-like neck?

Let's be honest. Nobody wants to get old, let alone look older than they actually are. Yet, it's a part of life and can bring on many changes that you simply don't like. As men and women age, it causes them to get what's known as the “turkey neck." This loose skin that's located below the chin is a very noticeable sign of aging. Yet if you want to get rid of it, previously, your only option was a traditional neck lift. This means going under the knife and general anesthesia. Now, Dr. Tiwana is offering a non-surgical neck lift utilizing radiofrequency heat to deliver, beautiful, taut, and lifted results.

What causes are necks to sag?

Heredity is a significant reason we end up with saggy skin under our chins. If your parents and grandparents experienced this, likely, you may too. The good news is that it doesn't have to make you depressed and commit you to a life of turtlenecks. Dr. Tiwana offers non-surgical procedures that can improve and tighten your neck and jawline area and boost your confidence.

Losing weight is a great accomplishment but also shows up quickly in your lower face. If you lost weight immediately or had a large amount of weight to lose, then you could notice the skin on your body, especially your neck, sagging prematurely. And as a young person, this can be really devastating. The great news is that you can see Dr. Tiwana for a non-surgical neck lift. He will be able to give you a tighter, more youthful appearance, and you can feel confident.

Excessive sun exposure causes harmful effects, deep bands, and wrinkled neck skin. When you lay out in the sun too long, you wind up with neck skin that can age much faster than it needs to. This can be especially true for the skin under the chin. You may notice more freckles, wrinkles, and a leathery texture to your skin. This means you could need a non-surgical neck lift in your near future. It's best to schedule a consultation at Bakersfield MedSpa in Bakersfield to find out if this procedure will be right for you.

Morpheus8, FaceTite, Accutite & Evoke

Bakersfield MedSpa exclusively offering a high-tech, non-surgical treatment by In Mode that is revolutionizing the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. Unlike other available technologies, radio frequency not only assists in liposuction, but at the same time tightens and lifts the skin on your face and neck.

Non-invasive RF energy treatment that remodels skin and tissue on the cheeks, neck and jawline to reveal more defined facial features and improved appearance.

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A non-surgical neck lift is for men and women of any age that are bothered by how their neck looks to themselves and to the outside world. Having a neck lift treatment will get rid of excess fat and excess skin and will also improve the look of loose neck muscles. It also addresses the tone and texture of your skin while lifting and sculpting at the same time. Please contact one of our Patient Coordinators today at 661-416-3676 to schedule your consultation. At Bakersfield MedSpa in Bakersfield, we are a fusion of beauty and science.

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