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Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

People spend hundreds of dollars each year on hair removal products or services. Finding a long-term or solution to getting rid of unwanted hair can save you both time and money. Two of the most common hair removal solutions include laser hair removal vs electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

Below you will find the differences between laser hair removal vs electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal

Now, laser hair removal has become increasingly popular recently and has had an increase of nearly 30% in the last decade. Laser hair removal is a long-term option for getting rid of unwanted hair. The process involves high-heat lasers that essentially damage hair follicles to slow down the growth of the hair dramatically. The follicle is the tunnel-shaped structure found on the top layer of your skin known as the epidermis. Laser hair removal treatment in Bakersfield is the most effective long-term treatment option when it comes to slowing down hair growth.

There are a variety of benefits when it comes to laser hair removal. In fact, laser hair removal treatment proves highly versatile as it can work just about anywhere on your body. The recovery process is minimal as you can get back to your daily activities within the same day. The treatment itself requires multiple sessions. We recommend having laser hair removal treatment every six weeks for at least six sessions. You may need to follow up with maintenance appointments once or twice a year after that. There are some risks associated with laser hair removal, but they are minimal. Some patients experience swelling, irritation, and redness. However, these generally subside within a short time.


Laser hair removal can save you a lot of time and money over the duration of your life. This is especially true if you remove hair from multiple areas of your body as hair removal products and services can take up a lot of time and money. They can also be very painful as waxing is often uncomfortable, threading can cause pain, and shaving can result in unnecessary razor burn.


Electrolysis is another hair removal treatment that not only removes your hair, but stops it from growing entirely. It has become less popular due to the benefits of laser hair removal. The process involves an epilator. The epilator device uses shortwave radio frequencies that stop hair growth. The radio frequencies damage the hair follicles to stop growth, but it also causes your current hair to fall out.

Treatment Schedule

The treatment requires multiple sessions every week or bi-weekly until the hair stays gone. Once the hair is gone there is no need for maintenance treatments. The recovery period proves just as short as laser hair removal as you can get back to your daily activities the same day you receive treatment. However, electrolysis requires a lot more sessions than laser hair removal making it costlier and more time-consuming. Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis takes longer to see results and requires more treatment sessions. There are also some risks involved with electrolysis as some patients have reported redness and skin irritation. However, these generally subside within a short period.

Hair Removal Treatment

For those interested in long-term hair removal treatments, laser hair removal may be right for you. If you are concerned about the treatment, it’s important to talk with a skilled professional to see which treatments are right for you. If you are interested in laser hair removal, contact the team at Bakersfield Med Spa. They are skilled in laser hair removal treatment and can help you determine if it is right for you. Contact their office today for a consultation!

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