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Overcoming Anxiety About Acne

Anxiety about acne is a very real issue that many people in our world face. It is not as widely discussed or accepted as something like body weight, but it should be. Having acne can often cause low self-esteem and in some cases, it may even lead to more severe mental health issues such as depression or even suicidal thoughts. Those who suffer from chronic acne or the random break-out often feel isolated from their peers. Beauty standards these days tell everyone they must look absolutely perfect. But the truth is that every one of us has some type of flaw. If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety about acne, here are some tips to help overcome it.

Have Realistic Expectations

Nowadays, you have to have perfect skin, perfect breasts, perfect legs, perfect lips — you name it. Looking “perfect” isn’t actually attainable. Even those who you may think look perfect, probably have some type of imperfection they can’t stand either. In other cases, these people may be miserable for trying to hold themselves to unrealistic, high expectations of beauty. If you talk to some models, they’ll give you a list of their dietary restrictions and a regimen so rigid and intense, you’ll start to be grateful for the ability to do what you’d like.

The truth of the matter is that no one is perfect so you’re only doing yourself an injustice by stressing out over the minutia. In fact, most people are thinking more about themselves than anyone else. So the acne you’re anxious about may only be a one-second thought in someone’s head. It may not even enter their minds at all.

Perfect skin is just not attainable. Even those with mostly clear skin may have other skin issues that are easier to hide or a flare-up of acne every now and then. So, ease your mind and know that nobody is perfect.

Focus on Experiences

Anxiety about acne can really affect one’s confidence and ability to be social. Many people who suffer from acne will avoid dating, wearing certain clothing, and even social gatherings altogether. The trick to riding this pony is to focus on something else other than appearance in social situations. For example, you can focus on the conversation you’re having with someone, the food you’re eating, or the activity you’re doing together. Taking the mind off of appearances, even of others, can help reduce any negative thoughts that may try to creep in and ruin your night.

Find Other Ways to Feel Good

In our culture, so much emphasis is put on looking our best. However, confidence doesn’t come from just looking good, it comes from feeling good about ourselves from the inside out. Yes, of course, sometimes feeling good can come from cleaning up or dressing well. However, this good feeling is derived from taking good care of ourselves and giving ourselves what we need — not what we look like.


There are other ways to feel good that don’t require “looking good”. This includes taking yourself out to dinner, going on a walk, reading a book, taking time for a special hobby, or treating yourself to a day at Rejuvinque Medspa. Whether you need acne scar removal in Bakersfield or laser hair removal, we are here for you.

Self-care is an incredibly vital part of feeling confident and secure. Treating yourself to acne scar removal or a day at the spa is nothing to be shameful about and it can really help clear up your skin.

Focus on Your Whole Body

If you’re only focused on the parts of your body inflicted with acne, of course, you’re going to obsess about them and develop negative thoughts on the matter. Try, instead, to focus on the whole body and think about some things about your body that you love. When you focus on the good over the bad you can really shift your whole attitude around.

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