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Right Age to Start Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a great way to slow down the signs of aging. However, you don’t want to get fillers too soon as there is a wide variety of cosmetic treatment options for your specific age group and skincare needs. Dermal fillers are injections of gel-like substances that go underneath your skin. They change your skin’s appearance as they reduce the look of wrinkles. This is a very popular treatment for those with wrinkles as over one million people get dermal fillers each year. But what is the right age to start dermal fillers?

The natural aging process can cause your skin to sag or become wrinkled due to a loss in facial fat and collagen in your skin. Genetics, sun exposure, smoking, and other factors can also impact your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. The loss of elasticity can make your skin look more tired and aged. If you are looking for a solution to your wrinkles but don’t know if dermal fillers are right for you, it’s important to set up a consultation with an expert to discuss your options. Below you will find information on the benefits of fillers and at what age you should begin using them. When you are ready, visit Bakersfield Med Spa for the best dermal fillers Bakersfield has around.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

No matter what your problem areas are, you can likely use dermal fillers to plump up the area. Dermal fillers are most often known for use on the face, but they can be used on your body as well, depending on your problem areas.

Forehead and Crow’s Feet:

If you are an expressive person, you’ll likely have some wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and crow’s feet on the outside area of your eyes.

Under-Eye Area:

Fillers can help with dark circles and sunken in under eyes.

Smile Lines and Cheeks:

Dermal fillers can fill in your smile lines, the folds that go from around your nose to the corner of your mouth, and the folds that transition from the corner of your mouth on down. If your cheeks are more sunken in, fillers can plump and help structure them to look fuller and more youthful.


For those with thinner lips, fillers can give you the natural plump you’ve always wanted.


For plumper, fuller-looking hands fillers can take the age off. Many women keep their appearance looking youthful, but attention should be given to the hands as that is one of the first places of signs of aging.


Chest wrinkles can be caused due to natural aging, sun exposure, genetics, or even lack of a proper skincare routine. Dermal fillers can be used to erase the look of the wrinkles on your chest.

When Should I Get Dermal Fillers?

While you don’t want to start dermal fillers too young as there are other options for those in certain age groups, there is no exact right answer for when you should get fillers. Each person’s skin matures at different rates, so a consultation with a board-certified surgeon is vital to ensure you are using the right treatments on your skin. With that, it’s completely up to you in terms of when you want to begin using injectable dermal fillers. Most women begin dermal fillers between the ages of 40 and 54.

Dermal Fillers in Bakersfield

If you are interested in dermal fillers and want to talk to experienced and highly sought-after professionals, contact Bakersfield Medspa. They specialize in facial face treatment Bakersfield and help patients feel rejuvenated and refreshed no matter what their skin or cosmetic issues are. The specialists at Bakersfield Medspa are focused on helping patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Contact their office today to set up an appointment!

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