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Chemical Peel Treatment in Bakersfield

What Are The Different Levels Of Chemical Peels?

Chemical Peel Treatment in Bakersfield

There are many different skin care solutions available to help rejuvenate your skin. Chemical peels are among the most popular. Although it sounds bothersome, it’s a great way to help rejuvenate your skin. Bakersfield Medspa has extensive experience administering chemical peels in Bakersfield and can help you on your journey to healthier and more beautiful skin.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that improves damaged skin cells on the face and neck. Chemical peels can be gentle and are a great solution for those with damaged skin. The chemicals exfoliate and remove the uppermost layer of skin. When the peel is taken off, the skin underneath is renewed and refreshed. A chemical peel can be used to treat many common skin problems, such as sun damage, wrinkles, and scars. If you are interested in revitalizing your skin, call Bakersfield Medspa today to see which chemical peel treatment is right for you.

What are the different levels of chemical peels?

There are different types of chemical peels that are used for varying degrees of treatment, and they are typically categorized by the type of chemical that is used on the skin.

Essentially, there are three different levels of chemical peel, starting with the most innocuous of them, the superficial peel. This is the lightest peel you can get and uses alpha-hydroxy acid. This only addresses the very top layer of your skin. This is the most convenient of the chemical peels because there is essentially no downtime during recovery. Your skin will not stay sensitive for long afterward.

The second level is a medium peel. It is slightly more involved than the superficial peel, but not quite as intense as the third level. A medium peel uses either glycolic or trichloroacetic. This targets the layer of skin below the surface, so the chemicals get down deeper to fix skin problems. This is great for skin problems that are more persistent. Examples include age spots, pigment discoloration, and freckles. A medium peel is more prone to stinging and burning sensations due to the chemicals reaching a bit deeper into the skin.

Finally, a deep peel is the final level of chemical peels available. This type of chemical peel focuses on the same layer of skin as the medium peel but uses phenol acid instead. This is the deepest level for the most stubborn of cases, such as scarring. A deep peel can only be done once, due to its severe nature. You will be sedated due to its intensity during the procedure.

What to expect after each level of chemical peel

Each level of chemical peel has a set amount of recovery time, and inconvenience.

The superficial peel is the least of these because it is the least invasive. You may notice some lighter or darker areas of your face while recovering and can take up to seven days to be fully acclimated.

As logic would suggest, the medium peel would have a slightly lengthier recovery. Although the recovery time usually only lasts 7 days, the effect of red skin can be seen for months in some cases. During the seven days after the medium peel, the skin will swell and become crusty before the old skin sheds and the rejuvenated skin beneath is exposed.

The recovery of a deep peel is much like the medium peel, just much more severe. Swelling and redness are usually more prominent and accompanied by burning, and the recovery takes about two weeks before the new skin begins showing.

If you are worried about skin blemishes and imperfections, be sure to talk with Bakersfield Medspa today to see what we can do for you.

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