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glowing skin tips

What Does it Mean to Have “Glowing” Skin?

glowing skin tips

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is the first defense against external forces. Unlike other organs that reside in your body, the skin’s health can be physically seen by the naked eye. When the skin is healthy, it is described as glowing. Many people have heard this adjective used to describe someone who is pregnant or happy. Glowing skin has become synonymous with positivity, but why does the skin glow when it is healthy and you are happy?

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Why Does the Skin Glow?

To put it simply, the skin glowing shows that your body is healthy. If your insides are healthy, then your outsides will look healthy too. The two scientific reasons for glowing skin are cell renewal and blood circulation.

The body’s cells naturally renew themselves to keep the skin smooth. This, in turn, creates an environment for light to reflect more easily on the skin. Cell renewal keeps the skin from becoming dull and rough, but the pace of renewal decreases as we get older. That is why kids have more reflective skin, and the glowing effect is harder to achieve as you get older.

Blood circulation also plays a major role in the skin’s health. If more blood gets to your face, it increases the glowing effect. Because pregnant women have increased blood circulation, they appear to be glowing. Also, healthy individuals will have better blood flow, which is why being healthy and having glowing skin go hand in hand.

Glowing Skin Tips

One of the best ways to increase the glow of your skin is to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Since cell renewal and blood circulation are the reason for glowing skin, doing things to promote that will increase your ability to glow.

Eating nutrient dense meals, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and reducing any unhealthy habits like smoking are great ways to keep your body happy and your skin glowing. Some foods are better than others in promoting skin glow, such as fish, green tea, berries, and tomatoes. Pretty much, anything rich with Omega-3s will help this.

Exercise is also a great way to promote better blood circulation, which will directly affect your skin. Finally, proper skin care techniques and moisturizing will ensure healthy outcomes. Bakersfield Medspa is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and will be able to give you guidance on any of your dermatology questions.

Common Misconceptions About Skin Health

There are plenty of misconceptions about proper skin care that are not worth your time or money.

  • Creams are the best way to prevent skin aging. This misconception is prevalent because of years of marketing and targeted claims. Although there is some validity to certain skin creams that can reduce wrinkles, these creams mostly fall under the “miracle diet pill” category. Your best plan of action to keep your skin healthy and glowing is to properly care for it preemptively. Using sunscreen and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the two best ways to protect your skin.
  • Tan skin is a sign of healthy skin. Although tanning is not inherently bad or good, there is a proper way to tan your skin and a harmful way. The one thing that is certain is that the darkness of your skin is not related to its health. As long as you are getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D, how dark or pale you have no representation on how healthy your skin is.
  • Using antibacterial soaps on your face will make it healthier. Although you may think oil on your face is a bad thing, scrubbing it away is actually harming it. Skin naturally has protective oils, and by using cleansers that remove these oils, you are putting it at risk for rashes. Be sure that your skin is always properly moisturized and not devoid of any of its natural oils.

Glowing skin is something that we all desire because it reflects youth, vibrancy, and health. Talk to Bakersfield Medspa today to learn the best ways to keep your skin glowing.

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