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What to Do After Acne Scar Removal

There are many different acne scar removal treatments that provide permanent or long-lasting protection against those pesky red blemishes on the skin. During the process of acne scar removal in Bakersfield, our professionals use laser-guided technology to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Without any surgeries required, you can immediately lift years of acne off of your face and achieve the smooth look you’ve always wanted.

What to Do After Acne Scar Removal

Today, Bakersfield Medspa experts will let you know what to do after acne scar removal, including instructions on facial care following your treatment as well as certain symptoms of side effects that you should expect.

The Acne Scar Removal Procedure

Knowing what to do after your procedure is just as important as knowing what to do in the days leading up to your treatment. Your doctor will likely instruct you to stop using creams and topical products that contain ingredients like fragrance or other manmade chemicals. Additionally, you might be asked to wear sunscreen on a regular basis to reduce your current acne and to prolong the results of your acne procedure.

During the treatment, our experts will use precise lasers to stimulate areas of your skin that have been damaged by acne. This encourages the production of collagen, which repairs the skin all the way to the surface. Over time, this procedure will result in many acne scars fading or disappearing completely.

The Best Post-Op Instructions

After your acne scar removal treatment, you will be given a list of care instructions that you should follow in the days after your in-office procedure. It is vital that you keep your treated skin moisturized using provided or prescribed products by your doctor. There will be other instructions to follow as well, which can include:

  • Avoiding the temptation to pick at the skin, especially as it flakes during the healing process
  • Only applying the approved skin products and not partaking in your regular skincare routine depending on the ingredients used
  • Avoiding the sun at all costs, and wearing sunscreen when you can’t
  • Doing away with makeup for several weeks until you find yourself fully healed
  • Resist the urge to scratch itchy skin. It can bring scarring back and make the area look worse than before

A typical healing process for laser-guided acne scar removal can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. But most patients usually heal in less than two weeks. Everyone responds differently to treatment. This exhibits why each round of acne scar removal can give you completely unique – but pleasing – results.

Are Acne Treatments Permanent?

Acne scarring is so different from person to person. Thus, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you will have some scarring for life. The procedure used to treat scarring can provide permanent results. However, it is also important that you commit to a lifestyle of good health habits in order to ensure that your chronic acne won’t come back.

Your skin is unique to you. So it remains important to visit us for a consultation to see if you prove a good candidate for acne scar removal treatments. Most people can receive treatment regardless of skin quality, texture, or damage. This works because acne scar removal treatments operates differently than topical ointments. The latter only work well for non-acne skin issues such as hyperpigmentation.

Schedule Your Acne Removal Session Today

Here at Bakersfield Medspa, we offer only the best to clients looking for full skin rejuvenation. You can find out if you are a candidate for one or multiple sessions of acne scar removal using our non-invasive laser technology. While some acne scar treatments cause pain, the results are well worth the time it takes to recover. Reduce redness, bumps, and scarring on your face today by scheduling your first appointment with us!

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