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Temporary Versus Permanent Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are great for those who are looking to restore volume, glow, and youthfulness to their most important features. Available as injectable treatments that offer different benefits for different needs, dermal fillers can be just what you need to give yourself that boost of inner and outer confidence you really need. Below, we cover temporary versus permanent dermal fillers.

Temporary Versus Permanent Dermal Fillers

Many of our Bakersfield Med Spa clients are surprised to learn that there are both temporary and permanent dermal filler options. Some injections will give you a few months of enjoyment, while others change your features for good. Today, we will discuss temporary versus permanent dermal fillers to find out what kind of treatment best aligns with your aesthetic goals.

More on Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are typically used as an umbrella term to describe a wide range of injectable cosmetic treatments that treat blemishes and reduce the signs of aging. Many fillers are wrinkle relaxers or collagen-boosting skin treatments, while others might add volume to areas of the body that have become saggy or flat.

Dermal fillers can be temporary or permanent. There are also semi-permanent dermal fillers that can be refreshed every so often to maintain a nearly permanent look. Keep reading as our med spa experts break down some key differences between permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dermal filler treatments.

Why Get Dermal Fillers?

A lot of dermal filler types guarantee almost instant results, since both the in-office injection procedure and the recovery process are very fast. You will start to see the effects of your treatment right away. And within a week or so, you can fully enjoy the cosmetic benefits you deserve.

Dermal fillers remain attractive to many people because they always work non-surgically. Injections can cause a temporary pinch of pain. Still, they prove much less painful, and far less invasive, than full surgery. For that reason, dermal fillers can have a lasting impact before the treatment even begins. Almost anyone can become a good candidate for our dermal fillers at Bakersfield Med Spa, which is why we encourage everyone to sign up for a personal consultation.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Choosing between permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dermal fillers can depend on your particular aesthetic goals. Some seek fillers to prevent or slow down the signs of aging, while others need to restore volume to a part of their body after an injury or health concern. There are a multitude of reasons why someone would want fillers to help them achieve inner and outer harmony, which is why there are a multitude of filler types to choose from.

Permanent Fillers

The permanency of a dermal filler treatment depends on the viscosity of the ingredients. High-viscosity fillers do not decompose on their own, so it can take many years for the body to break these fillers down. Permanent fillers are an ideal option for parts of the body with very thick skin.

Semi-Permanent Fillers

Like permanent fillers, semi-permanent dermal fillers take a long time to decompose. They are slightly less viscous, so they will break down more frequently than permanent fillers. They usually have ingredients containing poly-L-lactic acid. The ingredients aim at reducing wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines on the face. Semi-permanent fillers can have a lasting effect, with some patients boasting results lasting 18 months or more.

Temporary Fillers

Temporary fillers do not last as long as semi-permanent or permanent fillers. Still, temporary fillers remain the most highly sought-after type of filler. Most temporary options have collagen or hyaluronic acid, both naturally found substances. Temporary dermal fillers, which can last up to a year with good maintenance, are used to add volume to areas like the lips and cheeks. They can also be used for wrinkle reduction, giving patients a more youthful appearance.

Experience Full Rejuvenation at Bakersfield Med Spa

A refreshing experience awaits at Bakersfield Med Spa whether you seek a short-term or long-term solution to your aesthetic needs. Our injectable filler treatment options include permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dermal ingredients that will boost your appearance and your confidence with it.

Candidates for our injectable treatments should a a few characteristics:

  • Overall good general health
  • Have visible wrinkles or other facial blemishes that need restoration

That covers it. Dermal fillers prove a great way to encourage you to continue your pursuit of self-confidence. Discover new avenues as you enjoy the newfound volume in your life. Contact us today to explore our innovative, unique filler treatments. Find out what option will breathe life into your cosmetic aspirations.

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